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Mystery Tumbler

Mystery Tumbler

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If you're ordering under this listing, you truly and honestly want a Mystery Tumbler.

Who doesn't love a surprise?

All Tumblers vary you will never receive the same mystery tumbler

There are no refunds or exchanges with the mystery tumbler. If you order under this listing you fully consent to getting a completely random tumbler sent to you.

These are HOT AND COLD compatible. This will keep your iced coffee chill or your steaming cup of mud hot! Each tumbler comes with a slide-closure lid.

Sublimation tumblers are 100% permanent ink. They will never crack or peel like epoxy and vinyl. All tumblers hold 20 ounces.

Please note - many designs will NOT be seamless.

Tumblers are NOT dishwasher safe and while they hold hot drinks, should NOT be left out in the sun, left in a hot car, soaked in hot water or left in heat or near any hot items. External heat may cause image to prematurely fade.

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